Issue on Xavier NX Flash JP-5.1(35.2.1)system

In order to adapt to the update,

I need to update Xavier NX(Memory 8GB 、Storage 16GB,Carrier board LI-NX-CB-6CAM V1.1) system version to jp-5.1 . When I use the sdk manager to flash, the sdk manager reports an error and flash fails. I am sure that the system has entered the recovery mode and can normally flash jp-4.6.3 (32.7.3) under the same state. The error message and log are as follows:

2.Manually flash use Command Line Results:

hello 114118143,

this is not a Xavier NX developer kit, right?

The carrier board provided by Leopard, regardless of the option of Jetson xavier NX or Jetson Xavier NX [developer kit version], can flash normally in the previous 32.7 version,Jp-5.1 Both options failed

Hi 114118143,

If you are using the custom board, please request your vendor for the BSP package first and use to flash the board.
You could not use the BSP package from SDKM which is configured for the devkit.

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