Issue pulling CLARA

This may be related general NGC cloud i am getting following error trying to login using docker

docker login
Username: $oauthtoken
Error response from daemon: Get read tcp> read: connection reset by peer

FYI i was able to login to NGC and generate key fine

This is due to proxy issue. Docker-ce using uppercase environment variables. you can configure proxy correctly using the documentation below.

I also encountered the same problem, can you describe the solution in more detail, thank you very much

Hi 184699599,

If your system has proxy settings, you may see some settings when you execute the following command:

$ printenv | grep -i proxy


What prakashmsa is saying is that docker is taking uppercase environment variables for proxy settings so user need to setup environment with uppercase variable names.

export HTTP_PROXY=
export NO_PROXY=

docker login

You can make it permanent by using the instruction at or by referring to the answer here (method 3 for proxy settings on Clara Deploy SDK) :

It was written for proxy setting on Kubernetes, but it is also applied to the general docker proxy setting.


FYI, you can download/install the latest version (0.4.1, 12/10/2019) from the following links:

Thank you very much for your answer