issue regarding driver for MT7601u

first of all, I am compiling this driver for Nvidia Jetson tk1 (running ubuntu 16.04) which has the same architecture as raspberry pi3 (armhf). I got the following error while compliling the same

/home/ubuntu/Desktop/MT7601u/src/os/linux/…/…/os/linux/rt_linux.c: In function ‘RtmpOSNetDevAttach’:
/home/ubuntu/Desktop/MT7601u/src/os/linux/…/…/os/linux/rt_linux.c:1846:11: error: ‘struct net_device’ has no member named ‘wireless_handlers’
pNetDev->wireless_handlers = pDevOpHook->iw_handler;
please help.

Which kernel version is the RPi using with that driver? Which L4T kernel version are you using?

Note that even if the two use the same exact kernel version that a different starting configuration may add or remove symbols and cause something available in the source to not be found under one configuration, and yet be available under another configuration.

Did you add kernel source code? Did you just set the config to include a driver which was already there? If you did set a config, did you use a tool such as “make menuconfig” or “make nconfig”, or was the .config hand edited? What was your starting config?