Issue: stereo not supported in realsense camera

stereo is not supported error while running the live visualization using realsense D455 camera and even the example for the frequency is not showing any output, it’s showing not published yet. I want the error should be resolved suggest a solution.

Hi @mouleshvaran

The error you are reading:

[rviz2]: Stereo is NOT SUPPORTED

It is not related to your Realsense camera but to RVIZ2. You can simply ignore this warning.

Reviewing all your terminals, your camera is working properly.

thanks, now while saving the map i am getting this is issue regarding to the path i want to know how to give the path either inside the docker or in local(native) also I want to localise my bot using the VSLAM i don’t know how to do it is there any documentation to follow.

I believe the issue is related to the previous message, as ROS doesn’t have permission to create the folder.
Please try creating a new folder or granting access, and it should be fixed.

Let me know.