Issue when booting while ethernet connected

Im using orin nano jetpack 5.1.1 L4T release 35.3.1 in carrier board
When booting the device while ethernet is connected it takes more time than whenn the ethernet is not connected

how can we resolve this issue

Profile your boot flow and see which part takes more time.

ethernet_boot.log (63.8 KB)

hereby attaching the bootlog while ethernet is connected

I don’t see significant time related to ethernet, but I do see errors on the RTL driver (Realtek). We’re talking a tiny amount of time. There is also the Intel e1000e driver, and this too takes very little time.

However, what I’m wondering about is this: Are you counting time that includes logging in to the GUI? The log you presented does not consider the software related to GUI login. Can you be more specific about whether GUI login time is part of the question? Also, can you be more specific about whether or not any kind of Wi-Fi is involved (I ask this as a separate question regardless of whether or not wired ethernet is plugged in)?

How can i get GUI log in boot log
This log is till just before the login

Wifi module is present ,its not connected to network

Is there anyway of getting into automatic login , this has username and password

There is, but what I want to know is that when it takes too long to boot, does this include GUI login time? It is important to know what point do you use to measure “too long”. If we include the GUI, and you are not using it, then we’re answering the wrong question. Similarly, if we use this boot log without the GUI, and if you are including time that is logging in to the GUI, that too is also wrong.

Also, in “/boot/extlinux/extlinux.conf”, do you have the word “quiet” anywhere? If you do, then remove the quiet and logs become more verbose (at least from Linux kernel on).

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