issue while installing nvidia PCIe driver on host side

I am new to jetson Tx2 development board. for installing packages on host and tx2 i followed the link
but when i reached the point of installing “NVIDIA Driver on the Host”.
after installing nvidia-375 driver on host when i reboot the host then it does not allow me to log in to my host pc and shows a black screen.
Then I uninstalled the driver from login screen of host pc using terminal then i was able to log in.
I don’t understand why my host pc doesn’t allow me to log in after installing nvidia driver on host. my host doesn’t has GPU and I have read in documentation of jetson TX2 that GPU for host is not required but we need to install nvidia driver for training.
Please guide me what to do.

If you don’t have an NVIDIA video card you can’t use that driver. Just to be clear, are you saying you do not have NVIDIA graphics hardware on the host, or are you saying you don’t have a separate GPU for computation? If you don’t have the hardware I would expect driver install to be refused.

Note that you don’t need the NVIDIA graphics on host unless you do CUDA (or demos) from host.