Issue while recording 1080p videos at 30 fps simultaneously wuth usb cameras on TX2

Hello there,
I’m trying to record full hd videos using two usb cameras simultaneously at 30 fps using TX2.The output I’m getting is showing 30 fps in properties but video is playing too fast like timelapse.
I’m using usb powered hub for connecting two cameras two TX2.
And mainly I’m powering my TX2 with 72V 20Ah battery from a bike.
Any solution regarding the issue?
I guess it might be facing power issue i.e. it might not be getting enough power to do the all the task and it is failing to do so.
Hoping for issue to be solved as soon as possible
Thanks in Advance

what command do you execute to record the streams? are you using a terminal gstreamer sequence?

I’m using opencv i.e. cv2.VideoCapture
And I’m interfacing GPIO i.e. I’m using toggle switch, which will record the video when it is turned on

Please refer to the post and see if the framerate is normal in running a gstreamer pipeline

Okay, once i did try using gstreamer pipeline for accessing onbaord camera but I was not able to quit it, so I had to forcefully end the gst launch task.
So how to stop recording in this case and how to record two cameras simultaneously using gstreamer?

You can set num-buffers in v4l2src.

Reference page: