Issue with animation being very over the top

Hello, I am trying to import my custom mesh from Blender to A2F, I followed the character transfer tutorial. And everything seemed to work until I played the audio:

I don’t really have much else to say. This is very odd hahaha.

Thank you for trying out Audio2Face. Definitely seem odd :)

You do have mark attached to the A2F node so that seems right.
Do you have any big rotation or scaling on the custom character head?

If you don’t mind sharing your usd scene, it will allow us debug the issue quicker. You can send it privately also. If you can’t we can try to debug over the forum or get on a 1:1 on Discord also.

To join go here: NVIDIA Omniverse

@esusantolim for vis

Hello siyuen! No worries, the program is really cool!

I tried this with a similar model and it produced the same result. Here is the USD file :)
A2F.usd (19.6 MB)

Hi @Junnck ,

Sorry for the late reply. This seems to be the same problem mentioned in another thread.
Please see if the temp workaround suggested here works for you:

This issue would be fixed in the coming 2021.2.5 patch so you won’t need to do the workaround mentioned above once the patch is available.

No worries! This looks like it will fix my issue. Thank you! Gonna try it right away

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