Issue with CloudXR making connection

Hi All
Im setting up cloudXR and have the software installed on my server and client.
After i start steamVR on the server (using RDP) and put in the server IP address to the client.exe then the connection gets made fine and i can get an FPS score on the command line etc. Obviously because i use RDP i get the green screen on the headset which is expected.

So in order to get the headset working correctly i am using realVNC instead of RDP but the connection doesnt get made properly between client and server , i just get messages like packets dropped and input stream disconnected .

Any idea why the RDP connection works but VNC isnt ?

Uploading: rdp.PNG…
Uploading: vnc.PNG…

im having the same issue with NICE DSV, it just cannot maintain a connection like RDP does. I just get No frames received for 1000 ms , perf discarded network dropped this frame and then input stream disconnected

The input stream never gets disconnected when using RDP

i don’t know what RDP might be doing under the hood, possible it’s messing with the firewall live. That’s just a guess though, as a huge number of field issues are related to firewalls not having ports open. I can’t say offhand I’ve heard of a case where things magically work because RDP is connected thought, that’s a new one for me.

Would help to know network topology, and likely would want to start with client and server logs to see if they lend a hint (or smoking gun) as to the problem. maybe seeing both a failing set and a successful set, so can compare.