Issue with CUDA 9 and GTX590

As part of my research, I perform a comparison with an older paper that used the GTX580.
In my lab, I have a computer with GTX590 which is relatively close to the GTX580.

The host hardware is I7 4790 8GB RAM, OS Windows 7.
IDE Visual Studio 2015.
CUDA version 9.

Trying to compile my program with sm_30 compute_30 passes successfully but it isn’t supported by the GTX590 which supports up to compute capability 2.0.
When changing the compute capability to 2.0 (sm_20,compute_20) I receive an error: MSB3721
which is known to be a generic error of visual studio that nvcc was failed.

I have already taken the following steps:

  • CUDA and driver reinstallation (a driver that is supplied by CUDA installation was installed).
  • Change visual studio environment to older (2010,2012,2013)

Any suggestion would be appreciated.

CUDA 9 can’t be used with a cc 2.0 device. it’s not supported.

The MSB3721 is a generic error. You should increase verbosity in VS (google that) if you want to see the nvcc reported error, which is likely to be that “compute_20” is not valid or “sm_20” is not valid.

The last version of CUDA that supports cc 2.0 devices is CUDA 8.

Thank you a lot for your answer, It is a huge help.
I would try and notice if it worked out.

It works.CUDA 8 solved the issue.