Issue with CUDA on Drive PX2

We have an issue with initializing CUDA (9.2) on Tegra A (and B). When we are trying to run a sample from /usr/local/cuda-9.2/samples/3_Imaging/EGLStreams_CUDA_Interop/ the system goes into a reboot on cuInit invocation.
This issue happens on one of our boards.

dmesg last words are:

[ 306.438810] nvgpu: 0000:04:00.0 __nvgpu_check_gpu_state:60 [ERR] GPU has disappeared from bus!!
[ 306.440282] nvgpu: 0000:04:00.0 __nvgpu_check_gpu_state:61 [ERR] Rebooting system!!

Dear @ProgDevel ,
Is the GPU is working after reboot. Please check running CUDA deviceQuery, matrixMul samples to confirm. Could you check flashing the target again to see if the issue persists?

Thank you for answering.

  1. Yes, GPU is working after reboot
  2. matrixMul causes reboot too. deviceQuery works good. Please, see log: dq (4.5 KB)
  3. Issue is flickering but happens almost always

Dear @ProgDevel ,
looks like issue is occurs when we use GPU. Can you flash the target again to confirm if HW issue?

OK, I’ll try flashing later when I have physical access to the board. And let you know

Sorry for the late reply. We’ve checked cuInit after flashing the TegraA and faced random rebooting again.