Issue with Drivers 440.97 causes incorrect timing steps for training

Reporting some issue with Game Ready Driver 440.97 (released 22/10/2019) with the machine with the following specs: GTX 1080 Ti, Windows 10 64-bit.
Using previous version of driver, we do not have any issue when doing training with TensorFlow. But when using the version 440.97, the time step per seconds appear doubling.
i.e. INFO:tensorflow:global step xxx – loss = xxx (yyy sec / step)
The yyy value is doubling. The workaround is currently to revert back to the previous version.
The TF version is 1.10

Just to clarify, in the log line

INFO:tensorflow:global step xxx -- loss = yyy (zzz sec / step)

are you seeing the time, xxx, double or the sec/step, zzz double. Presumably the other quantity decreases \by a factor of 2.

Can you try installing the latest (currently 441.08) driver as well?

I was not first hand experiencing it, but from the report, it was the zzz doubled. As to the other value decrease factor of 2, seems it was not noticed. Apparently, this caused uneasiness to the team member.
I’ll try testing it with the new driver. Thank you.

installed 441.08, experiencing the same thing. Here is the output:

INFO:tensorflow:global_step/sec: 0.66666
INFO:tensorflow:global step 5300: loss = 0.1270 (1.852 sec/step)
INFO:tensorflow:Saving checkpoint to path Log\model.ckpt
INFO:tensorflow:Recording summary at step 5315.
INFO:tensorflow:global step 5350: loss = 0.1065 (1.234 sec/step)
INFO:tensorflow:Recording summary at step 5350.

Meanwhile, the previous output looks like this:

INFO:tensorflow:global_step/sec: 1.30384
INFO:tensorflow:global step 100: loss = 0.1559 (0.533 sec/step)
INFO:tensorflow:global step 150: loss = 0.3151 (0.542 sec/step)
INFO:tensorflow:Recording summary at step 181.
INFO:tensorflow:global_step/sec: 1.86702
INFO:tensorflow:global step 200: loss = 0.1301 (0.531 sec/step)

It seems the stand-alone global_step/sec in the previous one is higher than the one with the new driver. And, from observation, the training times per step update (per console output) takes a longer time.