Issue with Gripper Behaviour in 2023.1.1

I was using the HSR robot in Isaac Sim to grab objects and open doors. I am using effort controllers to open and close the gripper. The gripper worked fine in Isaac Sim 2023.1.0, but after I updated it to 2023.1.1, it now rotates 360 degrees. I tried decreasing the effort value that stops rotation; gripper arms collide with each other and do not move.

This is a link to a video of it working with 2023.1.0 - working_hsr.mp4 - Google Drive

This is a link to a video of it not working with 2023.1.1 - not_working.mp4 - Google Drive

Link to USDA file for reference - hsrb4s.usda - Google Drive

Any help on what has changed between 2023.1.0. and 2023.1.1, which could be causing this, would be really appreciated.