Issue with installing sdk components

I have already flashed os image in jetson nano.Next I need to install the sdk components like CUDA ,AI,Multimedia etc .Can I do it with the sdkmanager?
I tried with the sdkmanager.But after downloading libraries in the host computer it prompted to enter the username and password .after entering the username and password it is showing like the device is not detected.Why it is so?
Please help me. I am stuck with this.

The user name and pass are the ones used on the Nano (it wants to use ssh login). This has to be combined with a network route to the Nano from the host PC. Often people use the micro-B USB cable for this because it has a virtual wired ethernet device and appears like a network card to the host PC. In that case with the virtual USB wired ethernet the host PC will have address and the Nano will have address Or, you could use the actual ethernet address from real wired ethernet. If you’ve set up WiFi, then you could use that address.

Can you “ping” from your host PC with the micro-B USB cable connected? If not, then under “ifconfig eth0” on the Jetson, is there an address listed, and can you ping that address?

Basically it all comes down to finding the address of the Jetson which can be reached by the host PC. If the first boot setup of the Nano was not completed, then it wouldn’t matter since there would not be a login name/pass until that is completed.

Thank you for the reply.I will check