Issue with interfaces after apt upgrade

  • I am using custom nano board with l4t 32.4.2dp . I followed this answer, and it was all working fine until I had to do apt upgrade. From the next boot onwards most of the board’s interfaces like mic, i2c devices stopped working .
    One work around I found to overcome this issue was to hold nvidia-l4t-bootloader package.
    But I don’t understand why this is happening even though I have not touched the bootloader side.
    Can anyone point out what could be the issue and how I can fix it?
    Ashik P.
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Hi Ashik,

Did you modify any dtb or pinmux setting for your custom carrier board when it was on rel-32.4.2 DP?

Yes, we have done a few changes.
Does it get overwritten when the nvidia-l4t-bootloader package gets upgraded?

Yes, our OTA update does not preserve any customization you’ve done in those dtb/pinmux parts.

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Can you mention what are the packages that causing this issue, so that atleast i can hold them before upgrading?

Actually, I think this issue is more complicated than I expect because this may due to multiple components.
I cannot do any further analysis because there is no log or sufficient test result from your comments so far.

Let’s ask from reversed side, what components do you want to upgrade here? I guess the kernel/kernel-dtb will definitely overwrite your change.

Initially i had used l4t 32.4.2dp sources and while installing jetpack i faced issues with HDMI (This issue i had faced in nvidia nano devkit also) .
So to fix this had to do apt upgrade.