Issue with is_contiguous

It is my understanding that the intrinsic inquiry function IS_CONTIGUOUS is one of the Fortran 2008 functionalities supported by the PGI Fortran compiler.

However, as far as I can see, the PGI compiler (17.1, 16.x) fails to compile the program if the argument to IS_CONTIGUOUS is a section of an array - please see below for a MWE:

$ cat contig.F90
program contig
   implicit none
   integer, parameter :: a(3) = [1, 4, 9]
   write(*,*) is_contiguous(a)
#ifdef SECTION
   write(*,*) is_contiguous(a(1:2))
end program
$ pgfortran contig.F90 -o contig
$ ./contig
$ pgfortran contig.F90 -o contig -DSECTION
PGF90-S-0074-Illegal number or type of arguments to is_contiguous - keyword argument array (contig.F90: 6)
  0 inform,   0 warnings,   1 severes, 0 fatal for contig
$ ifort contig.F90 -o contig -DSECTION
$ ./contig

As you can see, the number and type of arguments in both calls is exactly the same, yet if the preprocessor keeps the second call a compilation error is raised and no binary is generated.

Other compilers which support the IS_CONTIGUOUS function [Intel Fortran compilers 16.0.3 and 17.0.1, or NAG Fortran 6.1 (6124)] correctly compile and execute the program above.

Would it be possible for you to assist with this issue? Thank you.

Kind regards,

We have replicated the problem and we have logged it as TPR 23965.



Do you know if progress has been made towards fixing issue TPR 23965? It was reported more than 11 months ago.

Thank you.

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