Issue with Jetbot example light

Similar to an issue I posted before (Issue with Kaya Sample Application Light) but now updated for 2020.2 :)

I have been updating things and was checking the old tutorials and noticed that I could not get the light to follow the robot when attaching it to the chasis as instructed in the tutorial. The Jetbot also seems to come with a camera already so the old workaround (from Light not following the UR10 movement. How to add light correctly?).

This isn’t really a critical issue for my work but still is annoying and I wanted to know if there is something simple I am doing wrong/should be doing.

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In general, we should be able to parent a light, camera under a rigid body xform with Update to USD on (Windows\Physics\Settings). There might be perf reasons that we turn that flag off. But see if that helps your case.

I have just turned on Update to USD but unfortunately the light issue is still happening. Any other thoughts?


Also disable “Use fast cache”

The combination of these two things made the system work thank you.

Solution: Under the Physics/Settings enable “Update to USD” and disable “Use fast cache”

By any chance is there a simple layman’s explanation as to why this was happening and why the solution worked or is it just a quirk of the system in its current state?


You can read more about the settings here:

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