Issue with Jetpack 2.3.1

Hi all,
I’m trying to update a Jetson TK1 using the latest Jetpack 2.3.1.

After flashing the Jetpack tries (as always) to search for the board using Network to push CUDA, OpenCV, VisionWorks, but it fails to find it.

I connected the board to HDMI and I noticed that I get continuosly the error message “RTNETLINK answer: Network is unreachable”.

To verify why I logged and I noticed that the network is down.

I tried to put it up using “sudo ip link eth0 up”, but SUDO IS NOT INSTALLED!

What’s wrong with this Jetpack???

Thank you

In cases where permissions were not preserved sudo always does very odd things while failing. I’d check that sudo on the rootfs was unpacked with root permissions and ownership, plus I’d loopback mount the system.img.raw and check if permissions were correct there for sudo. Finally, I’d check to see if your host has sufficient disk space…if not, the image may have been truncated.

This could be the real issue… the host is a virtual machine and the available space is near to the maximun required by Jetpack.

I have not received any warning message about disk space, but I’m going to investigate in more detail this option.

Thank you @linuxdev

Also be sure your VM runs with a Linux file system type…other file systems (such as VFAT or NTFS) are incapable of understanding Linux file permissions (this always causes sudo to fail).