Issue with Kaya Sample Application Light

Hi all,

I have been recently started learning the ropes with Omniverse as I start transitioning from Isaac Sim 2019.2 and have been going through sample applications. First off it is looking impressive and looks like it has potential from reading what it should be able to do. However in my early stages of learning I have encountered a problem.

I can almost guarantee it will be something obvious I am doing wrong but I cannot seem to get the effect shown in the Kaya sample application where you create a new light, link it to the base_link frame and have the robot move around with its own personal spotlight.

I create a sphere light, change its parameters to be a little smaller, drag the sphere light in the stage panel to be part of base_link but I don’t get the personal spotlight effect. I see a lightbulb symbol move around with the Kaya but the lighting effect stays right where it is.

I have added both a randomly created cube and a new camera to the base_link and gotten the expected effect (namely they move along with the robot) but this light just does not seem to want to work for me.

Can you help me figure out what it is I am doing wrong?


maybe this previous post helps: Light not following the UR10 movement. How to add light correctly?

Ah yup that will do it. Odd seeming bug but I am glad to see it working now.