Issue with licensing - License response fails trust criteria


I run into issue with uploading BIN license file to License server. Error message I am getting is "License response fails trust criteria". From logs:

08:34:40,995 WARN srvpool-64 Resolved [com.flexnet.glservice.exceptions.LicensingFault: License response fails trust criteria]

Using Nvidia License server 2019.11. I played with the licensing little bit. After first successful upload of the licenses, I tried to reinstall the server (MAC address is the same) and uploaded the BIN file again, but getting this error now. Tried to remove everything related to Nvdiia, including files in C:\Windows\ServiceProfiles\NetworkService\flexnetls\nvidia. Nothing has helped. Thanks for help in this matter.



Reset your license server, then try generating a new license file from the Portal, download it and install it on the license server.



Simply modify your license file in the portal, download and give it a try…