Issue with modifiers in 3ds max when using Live Sync for Live Modeling

Hello, I’m trying to use Live sync for a live modeling workflow, I want to be able model in 3ds max and use composer as a real time renderer that updates as i model. I’ve been able to do this succesfuly; however, after beginning a project and coming back to it another day i’ve run into an issue that keeps me from continuing my live modeling session. Basically after starting a live session, I lose all the modifiers that were previously on the objects in my scene.

Say for instance i have an object that has various modifiers, “symmetry”, “edit poly”, “turbosmooth”, once i connect to live link, a new “untitled.max” file is opened and, while all my objects are there, all those modifiers are gone and i am left with an editable poly as if all the modifers were just applied permanently. Not only that but the mesh is now triangulated as well.

This keeps me from moving forward on a model when i am only partially through the modeling phase. This wouldnt be an issue if I was able to complete all my modeling in one session or if i only worked on new objects when starting a new live session, however for a large project with many objects that i return to and refine over time/different sessions its an issue.

I could simply just work on my project and export usd without livesync but i really want to utilize the amazing real time updates that live sync offers.

Here is pre and post live syncing, notice in the first screenshot my original max file name “mech” as well as the list of modifiers on the right.

in the lower screenshot (post live sync), a new file has been opened named “untitled”, i know longer have any of the modifiers of the original just an ediable poly, additionaly the mesh is now triangulated

Thanks, hopefully we can find a workaround for this or it can be fixed in a future update. This is the only thing standing in my way for an awesome live modeling workflow.

Yes I understand. The LIVE workflow is a fully two way system. The modifiers you apply in 3dsmax and transmitted to USD and when you finish with live workflow it will save that usd file down as a standard mesh. The usd file will not maintain the 3dsmax modifiers. Then the next day, when you open the usd file, it will have been crushed down to a mesh. To avoid this workflow, you are best to make sure you also save the 3dsmax file as well, which will maintain your current scene with all the modifiers. The usd file itself will not. You can load the 3dsmax scene and make a new usd file and live workflow from there. And so on.

Thanks for the response. I’m still slightly confused because I can only save my max file before initiating live sync and still maintain my modifiers. The moment the live sync is started everything is “crushed” down so if I were to save my max file at any point after starting or completing the live sync I would lose all the modifiers I had prior to starting, but would keep any new modifiers I applied during the live session.

Am I wrong in concluding there is currently no way to maintain modifiers previously in the scene after starting a live sync.

I always save my max file before initiating live but I want to be able to overwrite my file after or during live sync and not lose said modifiers.

Currently Max Connector cannot support two-way Max original information live sync. The live sync is only for USD data. It means that when others edit the USD, it will replace your local mesh which does not have Max information.
User has to save Max locally to avoid the others change it during live sync.

It seems that the best workflow is to start LIVE sync once your geometry modeling is done. We can still easily support scene composition. So lighting, cameras, moving, duplicating, scaling, rotating geometry etc. Just the actual modeling part is best done before LIVE sync.

Thanks for your responses, I have a better understanding now of live link via your explanations. Consider my question answered!
Appreciate yal!

Great thanks