Issue with objects with "link" from Iclone8 project

Hi, I imported in Omniverse a project from Iclone 8. In this project, a character picks some objects and places them into a box. Each object is first linked to a character’s hand and then linked to the box when placed in it (the character holds the box with a hand and by the other hand picks the objects, so they are moving in the scene). The issue is that in Omniverse these objects are not in the place they are supposed to be, instead they “fly” around the space.
Is there any way to solve this problem?

Are you exporting USD or transfer over live session?
could you private message me the project to check?

Hi, thanks for your reply. Unfortunately I cannot send this project. It was exported in USD. I “solved” the problem by making a frame by frame rendering. Believe it or not, if I render the sequence these objects go around the space, but if I render each frame separately they stay where they are supposed to be. Maybe there is some issue with these objects in Iclone but I’ve not understood what kind of issue yet.
Thank you very much