Issue with Production module


We just got the jetson nano production module,
On the EVM using the SDK module with SDCard everything is working perfect,
I have placed one production module in my EVM and flash programmed,
the programming was successful and the board boots,
But No HDMI, no Ethernet, IMX219 cam is no longer detected.
I have tried to program my custom rootfs, when it did not work
I Used SDKManager to program the new 4.3 version.
Still programming is fine, HDMI not working, Ethernet not working

Some hardware revision info:
EVM rev A02
SDK Module A02
Production Module B01

Is it possible that its a Hardware revision incompatibility ?

Thanks for your help

Hi amir.s,

The B01 module can only work with B01 carrier board, A02 HW and B01 HW are not compatible.