Issue with Revit Live Session Creation

I’ll see with my IT dept to wipe off my system. Do you think it’s necessary to use the OV cleanup tool ? (Launcher Cleanup Tool — Omniverse Utilities latest documentation)

I have a better method. But standby whilst I verify your Logs with a Nucleus expert.

I don’t know :-( I don’t have a folder named gitlab-runner on my c: drive

Show me this as well. The settings option in Launcher

I am also wondering if the “.” in your windows user name is messing with our OV system. We are not good with “special characters”. Ideally you may want to re-install and direct everything to a “c:/omniverse”.

If you won’t lose any work and you want to try it, uinstall everything out of OV, and then uninstall the Launcher and then use the Cleanup Tool. Then re-install your OV into a “c:/omniverse”

Hmm, you also have this in your log
" [WinError 1225] The remote computer refused the network connection". Can you talk to your IT dept and see if they are blocking certain ports on your machine ?

I would say this is your issue here. Your connection the Nucleus Service is being actively blocked probably by local anti virus or a firewall. Please see your IT dept