Issue with riva quickstart script

I am getting this error when attempting to run “bash”

docker: Error response from daemon: failed to create shim: OCI runtime create failed: runc create failed: unable to start container process: error during container init: error running hook #0: error running hook: exit status 1, stdout: , stderr: Auto-detected mode as 'csv'
invoking the NVIDIA Container Runtime Hook directly (e.g. specifying the docker --gpus flag) is not supported. Please use the NVIDIA Container Runtime instead.: unknown.

Hi @jcwscience

Thanks for your interest in Riva

We request to view the following information from your end and share the input

Please view (Do not share this information in reply/thread as this file contains sensitive API key information)
cat $HOME/.ngc/config

and verify that the format is json, if it is not, please do not edit this file,

Run command ngc config set and when prompted for
Enter CLI output format type → enter json

and let us know if it works,


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That worked perfectly thanks!

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