Issue with ROS2 Joint state publisher

Hi, I am using the last version of Issac, 2022.2.1. I created an action graph, and in the same node I have a controller for the robot wheel, I am using the same diff drive that the tutorial for turtlebot 3. It works oks, but when I added the ROS2 publish joint state drive stop working, I receive the message correctly, but the robot doesn’t move.
On the previous version, 2022 I have the same issue, but in that case I had the ROS2 joint state publisher in a separate action graph, I fixed that moving the joint state publisher together with the drive, in the same action graph, in the last version it didn’t works too. Do you have any idea why I am having this issue? In advance, thank you very much.

I am running with Ubuntu docker 20.04 and ROS2 humble

Hi @elector102 - Someone from our team will review and provide answer to you. Meanwhile, can you share the code/error snippet to help understand issue better.

@rthaker Thank you very much! we tested it with some partner and all have the same issue.
I can’t share the project but if you add that action grapth and in the same graph add the joint state publisher in the last version you could see the issue, in the previous version you need to add the joint state publisher in a separate action graph to reproduce the error. I hope that with that you can reproduce the error.

Someone will review the comments and provide the feedback. Meanwhile, can you review the similar forum post: ROS2 joint_state publish and subscribe of topic issue - #8 by bjhsaghaug