Issue with soft shutdown in Xavier NX

Xavier NX module is not triggering FORCE_OFF# signal when soft shutdown is initiated. Let me know the root cause why module might not be triggering this signal to initiate shutdown sequence.

Where as the power button is press shuts down the module ignoring FORCE_OFF#.

Hi, what command did you use to run “soft shutdown”? How did you measure the FORCE_OFF# signal when soft shutdown? Can you share the captured waveform?

I have used the shutdown option from Ubuntu OS.
The force_off# is always high.

It should be low same with shutdown_req_n. You can find below info in Design Guide: SHUTDOWN_REQ* is driven active (low) by the module if the system must be shut down, due to a low power level, a thermal event, or by a GPIO on the PMIC that can be asserted under software control to request a shutdown. The power control logic on the carrier board must drive POWER_EN inactive (low) if SHUTDOWN_REQ* is asserted.

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