Issue with TFTRT

I am not able to run in tftrt in the latest version of the docker tensorflow-19.01-py3.

Traceback (most recent call last):
File “”, line 30, in
import official.resnet.imagenet_main
File “/workspace/models/official/resnet/”, line 27, in
from official.utils.flags import core as flags_core
File “/workspace/models/official/utils/flags/”, line 30, in
from official.utils.flags import _base
File “/workspace/models/official/utils/flags/”, line 25, in
from official.utils.logs import hooks_helper
File “/workspace/models/official/utils/logs/”, line 29, in
from official.utils.logs import hooks
File “/workspace/models/official/utils/logs/”, line 28, in
class ExamplesPerSecondHook(tf.estimator.SessionRunHook):
AttributeError: module ‘tensorflow.python.estimator.api.estimator’ has no attribute ‘SessionRunHook’

I am able to run the same code in 18.01-py2. What changes do i have to make in 19.01 and tf1.12.?


which are you referencing?

Hi, I am referring to the code in the Tensorflow Container in NGC version 19.01.
Path for the code (inside the container)


I have issue with identical traceback. Also tried few more versions of Tensorflow Container and on Xavier TX2 with jetpack version 4.1 with from Would really appreciate any help with this issue as soon as possible.

Any update on this benchmark?

I solved it with the below resolution.