Issue with the Accelerator Profiling (PVF 15.3)


I am currently working with PVF 15.3 and I have noticed that the accelerator profiling information provided by the “PGI_ACC_TIME=1” flag does not appear when I run my programs. I really do not know if it is related with the new “-ta:tesla:nollvm” flag, but anyway it does not seem to give results when I add it. I have checked out that with the old 14.10 version this accelerator information appears as expected.

I would appreciate any help. Thank you.


Hi Marti,

It’s actually not an issue with our change to using a LLVM back-end by default but rather a change to using Nvidia’s new CUPTI profiling interface. This caused some issues on Windows.

In 15.4, the issue is somewhat resolved but does require users add a call to “acc_shutdown” at the end of their code so we can flush the GPU event buffer and gather the profiling details.

In 15.3, try using the Nvidia command line profiler by setting the environment variable COMPUTE_PROFILE, or the visual profiler NVVP.