Issue with Upadating Jetpack on Jetson TX2

We have jetsion TX2 with 3.2 jetpack version. We tried to install OpenCV, Tensorflow frameworks on it but couldn’t do ( may be due to the version is not supporting). So we tried to update to the jetpack version to the latest 4.4 one. But we got errors as shown in fig. Please help in updating the Jetpack version to the Latest one.


Could you share your host environment?

  1. The first error shows that “sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get check” command failed. This is environment issue, not JetPack issue. JetPack requires that the “sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get check” command can be run successfully. Please manually fix the issue then retry.
  2. The 2nd error is a download error. Can you please try to download all files first without installation. You could retry if there is any download failure. Once all files are downloaded successfully, then install with SDK Manager?

We used a PC with Ubuntu 16.04 as host for flashing