Issue with variants disappearing in variant editor

I’m having an issue with Variant sets disappearing as editable in Composer.

I’m attaching an image that I think describes the problem fairly well but basically what the issue is is that I can create a variant set on a prim at one stage and at a later time when I need to return to it for changes I can no longer see the variant sets in the variant editor. All of the variants are still present in the outliner and in omnigraph nodes, but when opened in the variant editor they disappear. You can press “add new variant set” to get the old variant set back, but this is unreliable as it often will not bring back all variants and all variant sets.

As a result, as you can see in my image, I need to make new variants but can’t get rid of the old ones. Meaning I have Original and Original_1.
For some things I can just start over, if it’s easy variants it’s just a tedious but not catastrophic problem. But in other cases where an entire variant set disappears I would need to delete and recreate an entire prim. Or if the variant is more complex like a complex color variant the work is much more substantial.

Is this a known issue? It has happened to us in the past when we were on 2.2 but I haven’t seen it in a while, thinking it was gone in 2.5 but alas I encounter it here as well.

@sebastian.rydstrom as another user, it sounds almost like a bug; though i haven’t run into this personally…yet. how often does it happen for you and would you be able to reproduce it consistently? from the sound of it it seems to come and go for you, is that correct? and, to inquire a bit more detail, have you experienced this with fewer variant sets and/or variants? what actually between setting the variant set up and when you ‘returned to it’ (are you closing Composer session, keeping the same session but jumping between different files, etc)?

Oh, yes. It is definitely a bug. It happened a couple of times for another in our team some months back when we were making variants for a hero asset. I’ve encountered it since twice. Once in this scene and once in another. But no, I can not reproduce it consistently. We have no idea what it is that we are doing.

The fewest number of variants I think I’ve seen it in is 3. As you can see from my image the one I have there started out as 5 variants, with three of them added later to account for the ones that went missing from the editor.

I can’t say for certain what I did between setting the variant and returning to it to find this behavior. But I believe I opened the asset USD, created the variants and then opened my master scene. Then when returning to tweak things later I encountered this issue, but this can be hours or even days apart so naturally other things could have been done in the scene in between creating the variant and returning to find it broken.