Issue with xrdp

Please give solution for this problem

what if you use other remote desktop servers/clients? or your choice is limited only to xrdp? what about nomachine? vnc, x2go?

That’s a good suggestion, Andrey. I use ssh -X for nearly everything, but it is not suitable for graphics heavy apps or slower internet. Most people seem to use vnc, but the encode is done in software on nano, I believe. I have never tried x2go.

I believe there’s an issue logging in via RDP while there is an SSH connection open, maybe that’s related.

I have the exact same problem: Microsoft Remote Desktop opens a window on my Mac which for 1s shows the Nvidia logo, then closes unexpectedly. I am using the Nvidia image on my Jetson nano and Microsoft Remote Desktop for Mac. Did you find a solution to the problem? Thanks!


I have the same problem using Microsoft Remote Desktop on Windows 10 and Remmima in Ubuntu.

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Logout from Jetson nano and try to login in remote will work

I encountered this issue today. It turns out it was caused by gnome (more specifically, the MESA GL library).

Didn’t want to waste more time on this. So I installed xfce4 and used it instead. That solved the problem.

Here are the steps:

  1. Install xfce4
    sudo apt install xfce4
  2. Comment out the last two lines in /etc/xrdp/
  3. Add the following line to /etc/xrdp/
  4. Restart xrdp
    sudo service xrdp restart

Thank, xfce4 works!

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Works perfectly, thanks.

Obviously not the RDP patch issue mentioned above.

This worked, but there is an error when I try to run an application that uses the OpenGl

libGL error: failed to load driver: swrast
X Error of failed request: GLXBadContext
Major opcode of failed request: 154 (GLX)
Minor opcode of failed request: 6 (X_GLXIsDirect)
Serial number of failed request: 36
Current serial number in output stream: 35

This error does not happens when I am using the monitor.

Before I got this issue , I didn’t upgrade my ubuntu and the XRDP worked very good between windows and the Jetson. But then I decided to upgrade my distro to 18.04.4 LTS and this starts happening

although xfce4 desktop shell allows me to log in via MS RDP, it has several issues including unable to launch Terminal window and the shell hangs on occasion. Will be looking for a fix for default shell.

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please consider this before installing xfce4 ,

UI is lag, old and main important there is no synchronism to some applications(terminal mainly , etc), actions wont visible in RDP.

what is the use of these Forums, if you cant even give a resolution to main problem of XRDP connecting,
I had to waste more than 3 days in searching.

We may not have experience in some software frameworks, but other users may see the post and share experience. My apology that we don’t have enough experience in xrdp. And thank other users for providing guidance. Much appreciation.


The solution for XRDP provided here is for ubuntu
could any provide solution same for windows for connecting jetson nano through remote

Thanks man, this is working.
I have to do this too
echo xfce4-session >~/.xsession
by doing this we make sure that xrdp uses xcef4

I’ve tried SEVERAL different “fixes” for this issues. They didn’t work. But your DID! Thanks!

This worked for me too. Thanks for sharing this!

it didn’t happen that way.

sudo update-alternatives --configure x-session-manager

Run this in terminal and try forcing LXDE session by selecting lxde session. Reboot. It worked for me.