Issues installing Clara Deploy AI COVID-19 Classification Pipeline

Hi there,

I am attempting to install the Clara Deploy AI COVID-19 Classification Pipeline on my local machine. I have installed the Clara Deploy SDK and i am now attempting to install the pipeline itself. When following the setup i am met with two problems , the first occurs when executing Step 4 - Unzip and Install models. When i run the code sudo unzip -d /clara/common/models/ i get the error message: [sudo] password for hrb1:
checkdir: cannot create extraction directory: /clara/common/models
No such file or directory

I am wondering where exactly the destination directory is supposed to be located or if i need to create one. I created one in the .clara directory and the pipeline directory and extracting the files there, but i am unsure if this was the correct thing to do.

The second issue i’m having, which may be directly related to the first is after running step 7 - Verify that the stored pipeline is correct by examining the output of the following command:
kubectl describe pipeline <pipeline ID> i get the error message : kubectl describe pipeline 2006e3afea17421ba4f359080d48962d
Error from server (NotFound): “2006e3afea17421ba4f359080d48962d” not found

Thanks for your support, any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hello! Thanks for your interest in Clara Deploy.

For the first issue, it looks like the /clara/common/models directory doesn’t yet exist. Run:
sudo mkdir -p /clara/common/models
and then continue with the unzip.

To view a pipeline, use the clara CLI:
clara list pipelines
clara describe pipeline -p <pipeline ID>

Let us know if you run into any other issues.


Thanks for your timely reply! I have done these steps and moved on to triggering the pipeline. I have managed to do this using

storescu -v +sd +r -xb -aet "DCM4CHEE" -aec "COVID-19" AA.BB.CC.DD 104 ./

However i cannot see an Check Job Status and Download/View Payloads in the Clara Console/Dashboard. Do i need to install any additional requirements?

A couple questions. Are you able to login to the console at http://<IP address>:32002?
Did the storescu command show successful transmission of the data files in the output?

You can also check job status using:
clara list jobs
clara describe job -j <job ID>

Another way to trigger is using local files:
clara create job -p <pipeline ID> -n <job name> -f /path/to/input/dcm
This will give you a new job ID. Then:
clara start job -j <job ID>

You can also verify that the pipeline pod was created using:
kubectl get pods

That worked perfectly. Thank you for your help!

I have encountered another issue, upon running the command sudo clara platform start, i am met with this error:
Error: Get “”: dial tcp connect: connection refused
platform start [flags]

-h, --help help for start

Global Flags:
–config string config file (default is $HOME/.clara/config.yaml)
–verbose verbose output

Error: Get “”: dial tcp connect: connection refused

I am unsure what the problem is. It worked up until i restarted my device.