Issues installing Ubuntu 12.*, 13.10 on R720 with NVidia Grid K2

I’m installing Ubuntu 13.10…(tried 12.04,12.10 with similar errors). It installs but upon reboot after the installation it chokes and produces lines of “Hardware Errors” referring to the PCIe bus and the slot the Nvidia card is installed in. I went into BIOS and disabled that particular PCIe slot and then the errors went away and the system came up (but with no NVidia card of course).
I realize I’m not providing lots of detail, but my initial question is simple – do you know if this hardware configuration should be able to run Ubuntu easily at all? Googling on this problem hasn’t produced much as this is new territory.
I’m using Dell R720 with Nvidia GK104GL [GRID K2].

Ubuntu is a known challenge, the default driver (nouveau) that loads will fail and produce what you are seeing. As far as I know Dell only supports RHEL/SLES. Strongly suggest switching to RHEL, or possibly CentOS. Regardless you need to choose the “Install with basic video driver” or nouveau will crash it.

With RHEL, on install, select the “Install with basic video driver” from the initial boot menu. From RHEL’s install notes here is their documentation around this choice:
"This option allows you to install Red Hat Enterprise Linux in graphical mode even if the installation program is unable to load the correct driver for your video card. If your screen appears distorted or goes blank when using the Install or upgrade an existing system option, restart your computer and try this option instead. "

For Ubuntu, you can try the following:

Please post what works for you!

Thanks, Luke
Your instructions on installing RHEL worked like a charm. Once I had the server up I noticed the nouveau driver was installed as well, so I blacklisted it for good measure.

Excellent, glad to hear! Good call on the blacklist I suspect.