Issues OpenCL 1.1: overloading of fmin/fmax not properly determined

Hi there,
I am working with the OpenCL 1.1 beta drivers on Linux 64bits (Ubuntu). I am getting some errors because the compiler does not seem to properly differentiate fmin or fmax based on the 2 parameters passed.

I have a line like this one:
rhsad[ip2-1 + rhsad_s1*(1-1)] = rhsad[ip2-1 + rhsad_s1*(1-1)]+fmax(c00,-rhsed[iedge-1 + rhsed_s1*(1-1)]);

where c00 is double
rhsed etc. are __global double *

I am getting the following error:

Build Error : :1011:64: error: call to ‘fmax’ is ambiguous
rhsad[ip2-1 + rhsad_s1*(1-1)] = rhsad[ip2-1 + rhsad_s1*(1-1)]+fmax(c00,-rhsed[iedge-1 + rhsed_s1*(1-1)]);
:3353:27: note: candidate function
double16 OVERLOADABLE fmax(double16, double16);
:3352:26: note: candidate function
double8 OVERLOADABLE fmax(double8, double8);
:3351:26: note: candidate function
double4 OVERLOADABLE fmax(double4, double4);
:3349:26: note: candidate function
double3 OVERLOADABLE fmax(double3, double3);
:3347:26: note: candidate function
double2 OVERLOADABLE fmax(double2, double2);
:3344:26: note: candidate function
float16 OVERLOADABLE fmax(float16, float16);
:3343:25: note: candidate function
float8 OVERLOADABLE fmax(float8, float8);
:3342:25: note: candidate function
float4 OVERLOADABLE fmax(float4, float4);
:3340:25: note: candidate function
float3 OVERLOADABLE fmax(float3, float3);
:3338:25: note: candidate function
float2 OVERLOADABLE fmax(float2, float2);

Do not pay attention to the weird (1-1) etc. as this is the result of python script that automatically translate from OpenMP to OpenCL sections of the code.

Does anybody have a clue as to what is happening?
Would appreciate any help.