Issues Re-installing for Jackal

I have recently reflashed a Jetson TX2 to be used with a Jackal Clearpath robot. However, I am having issues with running it. One issue after re-installing Jetson 3.3 on the robot was that ROS would not begin on start-up. I have already fixed this problem by adding the correct file to be sourced in the ~/.bashrc file.
However, I am not able to communicate with the Jetson computer on the Jackal. I see the list when I use rostopic list, but nothing with rostopic echo. I get the following error: ERROR: Communication with node[http://tegra-ubuntu:41675/] failed!

I do not know if this is helpful, but when I run rqt_graph on the host, I see topics labeled “n__jackal_node” instead of “/jackal_node.” Not all topics have ‘n__’ instead of ‘/’ though.

I thing this may be something with the Jetson because I do not see any issues with ros. Should I try to re-install Jetson 3.3?
Or is there a way to un-install everything then re-install?

Hi rtdelee, you can try re-flashing / re-installing your Jetson TX2 from the directions provided by Clearpath for Jackal robot:

If you continue to face the issue after re-installing, I would recommend contacting Clearpath support as they would be familiar with their configuration of the device.