Issues while installing Isaac 2021.1 version

Please share the documentation to install Isaac 2021.1 version. The current available documentation shows ‘dependencies’ file to install , but it is unavailable in the new version. I need to install the Isaac in Jetson nano . Kindly provide the guide lines to install Isaac 2021.1 version in Jetson nano.

As part of setup, you’ll want to run the script from x86 (desktop or workstation) which will SSH into your Jetson (device) and install all required dependencies (as listed in Setup — ISAAC 2021.1 documentation). Afterwards, running the script on x86 (desktop or workstation) will cross-compile your SDK app and copy it to your device for running (as listed in Getting Started — ISAAC 2021.1 documentation).

I would like to sincerely thank you for your support.
Kindly let me know that whether the desktop also needs GPU or the GPU included in the Jetson nano could compensate the GPU necessity.

We hope Isaac SDK is useful for you! Isaac SDK expects the desktop/workstation to have CUDA 10.2+ which you could not reasonably install without an NVIDIA GPU.

Thank you for your response.
I had downloaded the ISAAC 2021.1 version in the set up document , to install required dependencies:
bob@desktop:~/isaac/engine/$./engine/build/scripts/ -u <jetson_username> -h <jetson_ip>

But there is no file exists engine/build/scripts/ .

The latest download have the following directory :
engine/build/jenkins/… and inside this folder no file named install_dependencies_jetson.

Due to this mismatch I couldn’t install it inside the Jetson nano. Please help me to install the version inside Jetson nano.

In my copy of Isaac SDK 2021.1, the script exists at least. Note: engine/ appears twice = “engine/engine/build/scripts”