Issues with boot

So last night I got one of the three Jetson Nano’s I purchased to boot using the Micro-SD image and a usb cable (it seems to be unable to use my ODROID-XU4 5V 4A Power supply alone)

Today it posts, goes right up to enabling network manager (even if no network device is present, but only if USB devices are plugged in) and shuts down.

If I plug in USB devices after boot it works.

I’ve tested this on

Netgear N150 usb wireless adapter
Microsoft Wireless mouse 1000
Apple USB wired keyboard with 2 port hub

I’ve tried various combinations of together and separately, the device boots without USB plugged in, but not with USB plugged in.

I have 4 Adafruit 5v 4A barrel jack power supplies on the way


You mean this issue happens to two power jack? How about connect single usb device (w/o hub)? Will that hit same error?

Just making sure, did you jump j48? Becuase you have to do that to get power from the barrel jack.

Hehe, no I didn’t.

The reseller I bought it from (Newegg) recommended a 4A 5V barrel jack power supply, so I bought them direct separately.

While I was waiting I tried the ODROID and it didn’t work.

Now I know that is because to save literal pennies it was shipped without the jumper or instructions anywhere on packaging that it needed one.

I borrowed one from another project and it works.

I suppose I shouldn’t complain, it also didn’t mention the mPCI-E slot. I’ve yet to tinker with that, but I expect it will benefit from the barrel jack.

Anyone got a good link to any cases that are not £50 a shot? It’s half the cost of the device for a bit of metal. Otherwise I might work on using a dremel with a hobby-box (the power jack came with an adapter to provide internal->external male-female. Preference for a case that lets me stack all 3

Also is there a recommended parts list for things like fans? I ran a webGL benchmark in mode 0 (default 10W) earlier today after finding the same article. It seems it gets too hot to touch (we are in summer with dead air which doesn’t help)

Thanks for advice


I hacked my old case together with an old enclosure for pi and a Dremel. Kintaro SNES enclosure is large enough length/width wise hollowed out. Also has holes in convenient spots. Top doesn’t fit, but I don’t personally care. Don’t know of a case yet other than the metal one you’re probably referring to.

Re: jumper, I agree it was cheap. They can’t cost much in bulk. I had to pull one off another board.

Re: WebGl: that’s why I used for your same purpose. I didn’t stress test it at length but so far I have been running with no fan. If you put into in an enclosed case, however, it’s probably a good idea. I assume that nano will throttle itself if it gets too hot but I haven’t checked that.

Edit: please see here for fan thread:

Recommend fan:

Heh. I have a Noctua fan in one of my PC builds.

Cool. I think I’ll get a fan. Also looking for a powered mpcie to pcie-4x as I want to see what I can get working. Backplane from SAS card would get me 4-6 sata drives (external power & drivers permitting)

Here is a thread on mini pci-e, sata, and what might work if your goal is simply fast storage. (For me, usb-3 is fine)

I have the adapter but not the Marvell chipset sata board. If you try it, please report back. It will probably need some kernel modules built if and before it works.

There is also a third party carrier board for nano (see thread) that supports nvme SSDs, but it’s very expensive.