Issues with flashing new industrial Xavier module

Dealing with the Xavier devkit and a blank brand new industrial Xavier module, and have been trying to follow other similar posts but to no avail in getting it flashed for the first time. Have been able to flash previous commercial Xavier modules with the devkit but not the industrial module. Updated SDK Manager, ensured proper USB-C connection and forced recovery (lsusb sees industrial Xavier as Nvidia device), and can see clearly the power LED is on. Have not been able to try on a different Linux host PC so that might be my next attempt, but wanted to ask if anyone else was having this issue and if anyone had some insight on why everything looks correct but I am still met with a “wrong device detected” error. Please see image below for more details, and please do let me know if you have any advice or direction on this issue. Thank you!

Can you connect a UART serial console and also a monitor to make sure the board is really in recovery mode?

“lsusb” is not a precise way to detect recovery mode since usb device mode is by default enabled even when OS is running.

When we tried booting into force recovery mode on both 9600 and 11520 baud on ‘sudo minicom -s,’ nothing was being printed to the serial terminal. Does this indicate that it is not correctly in force recovery mode, even though it is being correctly detected by SDK Manager and ‘lsusb’?