Issues with M.2 Screw

I recently purchased a dev kit; and have tried to install a WIFI / BT card after a few days of use.
When I went to remove the M.2 screw; the head had started to strip (as if it has been fused or glued the standoff), with multiple PH #2 drivers.

I have also attempted to replace the standoff; but that seems glued to the board, and is unable to be removed.

I don’t want to have to cut / drill the screw out as that runs the risk of metal shavings entering the M.2 and SOM connectors.

Has anyone else had the above issue?

Hi ladland, could you take a picture of this?

The photos can be found at!AtaL4dpbdgxtc3T_n2eByUGiQFU?e=EF01eK

Pliers does not work either?

Nope, not on the screw head or standoff; it is as if the heat from the CPU has started to melt the screw head; and, or glue (it looks like the CPU is directly above the M.2 screw)

Is it possible to plug in card without removing the screw? No idea how to do with it, maybe a RMA process is needed…

The card doesn’t connect properly without being screwed in; plus the plugs on the antenna cables touch some of the the solder on the SOM as the card it too high without the screw holding it down

Just wondering if there has been any updates?

Hi ladland,

Not sure what the updates you mean, if you’re looking for RMA process, please refer to