Issues with mousewheel when vsync is off in GoldSrc games


I’m running Arch x64, and since the latest nvidia update to 331.38, I have a strange issue with Valve’s GoldSrc games (Counter-Strike 1.6 for example)

I also tried the latest 334.16 drivers, and it didn’t fix my issue

My mouse wheel does not respond correctly if I have gl_vsync set to 0 in-game (disables vertical sync). (If I try to bind it,t it responds as thumb buttons).

If I re-enable vertical sync in-game, everything works back to normal. Running the game on Wine (windows version) also works.

This was working fine with 331.20, and it still does.

I’m trying to see if anyone can reproduce, since I’m getting no replies on Valve’s github issues list

For reference: My issue on valve’s github. I would appreciate if anyone with similar settings as I have could try to reproduce this… for now I’m not sure if this is a driver or a game issue.

Thanks !