Issues with simulating Clearpath Jackal Robot with ROS connections

We are trying to simulate the Clearpath Jackal robot. We are experimenting with two different URDFs. The first one we obtained from the official geithub repository from Clearpath. In this URDF, after adding the action graph, the robot is able to follow the purely linear velocity published on the robot. However, when we publish purely angular velocity, the robot turn very slow. Here are some short video clips. We tried to change the inertia properties but it did not help.
JackalLinear-2023-09-08_09.36.58.mkv (1.0 MB)

JackalRotation-2023-09-08_09.33.01.mkv (1.4 MB)

The second URDF was generated using Solidworks. We used the official 3D cad model of the robot and then converted that into URDF. When we tried to import this URDF in Isaac and added the action graph. The robot vibrates when the simulation is played. Here is the short clip showing the vibrations. Here as well, we tried to play with the inertial properties but it did not help.
JackalVibrating-2023-09-08_09.38.02.mkv (5.8 MB)

Could you please help us solve these issues?