Issues with Understanding Virtual Channel Limitation


I am working on scoping a project on the Xavier NX. We plan to utilize the system with a GMSL2 Camera setup.

I was curious if there is any documentation detailing the limitations of Virtual channels - ie if I run the maximum amount of channels, what sort of FPS can I expect from a 12 MP camera.

Just looking for something to read, there are not many details here: Jetson Virtual Channel with GMSL Camera Framework

You can calculate the throughput data if less than per lane 1.2G(DPHY).

Thanks Shane - can you validate my math here:

So if I had a 12MP camera at 10 bit images in RAW capturing at 60 fps (12 MP x 10 bit x 60 fps = 15 MB x 60 fps= 900 MBps)

If that then passes through a 4 x Aggregator (assume no loss here) with 4 cameras, I would be at (4 cameras x 900 MBps = 3.6 GBps) since this is across 2 lanes I would be at 1.8 GB per lane, so too much to run full frame rate.


Then working backwards from framerate I would be limited to 40 fps on each camera if I am just thinking about data.

Should be bit per seconds instead of byte per second for the calculation.

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