Issues with using Unity3d profiler on SHIELD tablet

hi there,

we’re running into a problem with unity’s built in profiler when profiling on a SHIELD tablet. basically, the framerate drops to 1fps (possibly less) when it should be 30+fps. we’ve tried it on multiple SHIELD tablets and with several different projects (including pretty much empty ones), always with the same result. profiling the same projects on other android devices is fine.

is this a known issue?



Same issue here. Even with a very simple example (animated cube with one directional light) turning on the unity profiler takes the frame rate from ~60 fps to ~20fps. The difference is more noticeable in scenes with higher complexity (~60fps -> 3fps).


I am also having this (or very similar) issue. What I am seeing is Unity making GLES 3.0 calls on a GLES 2.0 context. It causes buckets of spew in logcat. Very easy to repro. Wish someone would acknowledge and fix this.