It is possible to select lun from the currently running Windows?

Добрый день! У меня есть в наличии Mellanox Connectx-3 Pro. Вопрос состоит в следующем, возможно ли как то указывать LUN из под рабочей системы Windows?

work Windows (lun0) → set lun1 → reboot → boot Windows (lun1)


Good day! I have available Mellanox Connectx-3 Pro. The question is, is it possible to somehow specify the LUN from under a working Windows system?

work Windows (lun0) → set lun1 → reboot → boot Windows (lun1)

I don’t think it is possible to specify the LUN directly over a working Windows OS. However if the a working Windows server is already on site, then I think you have the option to specify the LUN by creating a VM w/Linux OS, on the top of Windows server, with the iSCSI protocol enabled and the appropriate logical interfaces (LIFs) created. .

I have a server with mellanox connectx 3 pro and Data Storage Systems (netapp storage). As i not having physical access to the server, i can specify the necessary lun for the subsequent loading of the operating system. Can I use dhcp to switch lun? If an example implementation?

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