It is possible to slow down DriveNet Sample Output ?


I ran the provided DriveNet Sample and also an own video. It worked fine but, the video-output on the screen is for both, the own video and the given sample, way to fast to recognize anything or evaluate the pervormance of DriveNet. Is it possible to “slow down” the output or show it with the real speed.
Other Nets like the object detector do not have this problem, there output is as fast as the given video input.

Thanks for your Help

Dear HV_ZF,

Could you please use ./sample_drivenetNcameras sample instead of ./sample_drivenet for your topic?

1 Camera,
./sample_drivenetNcameras --input-type=video --videos=…/./data/samples/raw/rccb.raw

2 Camera,
./sample_drivenetNcameras --input-type=video --videos=…/./data/samples/raw/rccb.raw,…/./data/samples/raw/rccb.raw