It takes quite a few minutes for machinima 2022.2.0 to launch

About 4 minutes to launch, logs attached.
kit_20220920_154312.log (900.1 KB)

Same here 4:37 RTX 3090

Same for me RTX 3090. 7 minutes to start.

Hello friends! I have a few questions!

  • I just want to confirm, are you all using the same version as @terryzhv83, machinima 2022.2.0-rel.1?
  • Was this a fresh installation? Meaning you didn’t have any other versions of Machinima on your computer before installing this version?
  • What version of cache are you using?

Hi @terryzhv83, @fsheng21, and @yizhou_zhao! I was able to reproduce the issue on my machine. It seems to only happen on a clean install of Omniverse.

My results:

  1. Reset PC
  2. Installed Omninverse
  3. Installed Cache 2022.2.0 > Omniverse Launcher
  4. Setup Nucleus LocalHost
  5. Installed Machinima Beta 2022.2.0-REL.1 > Omniverse Launcher
  6. Launched Machinima…took 5:16.46 minutes
  7. Closed Machinima
  8. Launched Machinima…took 5:00.97 minutes
  9. Closed Machinima
  10. Launched Machinima…took 4:56.89 minutes

I am sending this over to the dev team as a high priority! Thanks for letting us know!

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Same for me , 3070 , its been like this almost forever where it takes a lot of time to start up and its generally slow and unstable. making it almost unusable.

Hello @saunderyatoppo, @yizhou_zhao, @fsheng21, and @terryzhv83! This issue has been fixed in version 2022.2.1 of Machinima. Please update your version of the application! Thanks again for you alerting us of this issue and allowing us time to fix it.


Thanks Wendy! Machinima works now.