It will show other picture after show logo

After show logo, it will display other picture a split second, it may a white or green screen. The problem is probabilistic, what should we do?
Did cboot display?

Are you using custom carrier board?
Which JetPack version?
Any change made from a clean SW image?
Connnected with HDMI display?
Reproduce rate? Using other display cable can help?
Any dmsg to show the error when issue happened?

Please check Debug tips when you hit any issue (fail to boot/ keep reboot …etc) - Jetson & Embedded Systems / Jetson Nano - NVIDIA Developer Forums

Share more detail as above suggestion.
We are not jetson god or something else who can directly know your problem with such description.

logo_debug_info.txt (14.9 KB)
we used L4T R32 5.1.
we add bridge chip lt9611 in U-boot for one hdmi expand to two hdmi.
I think it has nothing to do with kernel.
It conned to HDMI monitor ,4K monitor.
It is ablut 6% recurrence rate.

Sorry that we don’t have experience with this extra device added by you.

I have a question: the logo displayed begin to Cboot, When logo display finished? On u-boot ,can we know logo display finished?

It will be finished after kernel is ready.

if the logo display until kernel ready, does it neet to config on kernel to show logo. we found the divice will disconect to HDMI monitor after u-boot.

Why is your issue related to “logo”? Your “HDMI” is not really a HDMI to jetson. It is just a MIPI device and we are not even supporting logo in MIPI DSI.

we just find the device maybe display a white or green or other color screen follow on logo picture. we think it may be Cboot show.

How to be kernel ready?

I mean, which message received means kernel ready, logo display finished.

When uboot move into kernel, then logo already finished.

One observation I see is that if the background is green or white for a moment, then it might be changing modes. This would be quite different in comparison to a brief picture display. I’m not sure if changing a buffer’s content prior to a mode change would actually be reflected in the mode change background color.

you mean at the moment of the logo display end , the display mode maybe changed?


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