It would be nice if GPU markers could support unicode character names

I’m using the ID3DUserDefinedAnnotation interface ( specifically ID3DUserDefinedAnnotation::BeginEvent ) to set GPU marker names and have noticed that if I use non ascii characters and run my application through the Nsight Graphics Debugger, my application will crash unexpectedly.

I have a workaround but it would be useful if Nsight were to support unicode strings.

Hi Hecatonchires,

I just write some simple code with non-ascii string in D3D11.1’s UserDefinedAnnotation BeginEvent, Nsight don’t show crash at all, but the perfmark bar’s string will be ‘Error Converting String’.

I’m using the latest Nsight 4.6, what’s your version? For more precise, could you share us your sample?


Hi, I’m still using version 4.2 while I wait for another issue to be resolved in an update. I will try again next time I update.

It’s not an important issue and I can certainly get away with restricting event names to ascii characters for the foreseeable future, whether the result is a crash or an error is probably not worth spending time investigating. It’s just something that would be a nice feature at some point.