It's a question. Doesn't the 4070Ti have a Tensor core?

The graphic card is 4070 Ti, but when audio2face is executed, the RT tensor core cannot be called and fails.
Doesn’t the new 4070Ti have RT tensor core?
PC specs:
Cpu: ryzen 5950x (16core 32.)
Ram: DDR4 16G x 4 (3200MHz)
GPU: 4070Ti, 1080Ti (I am using it in parallel for rendering)
storage device : nvme 2ea, ssd : 8ea, HDD : 3ea
OS: windows 11 (windows 11 22h2)
If this happens due to lack of PC specifications, I will upgrade.
please let me know.

Hello @ktjk2448! I’ve sent your information over to the development team for more assistance.

The issue may be that you are using dual GPUs that are different generations. Have you tried just using your 4070?


I am sorry to hear you are having trouble with A2F. However I believe before we can properly diagnose the issue, I would want you to disable and eventually remove the 1080 card completely. I believe your tensor core error message is referring to the lack of tensor cores on the 1080. Which is indeed true. The 1080 is way below minimum specs for the entire OV platform. If it is your primary video card, that is the reason you are getting this error.

From a hardware and system configuration point of view, my thoughts are that mixing a 1080 with 4070 is not a great idea. You are mixing a V10 with a 4 cylinder. :-) You end up causing a lot of problems for software and even some hardware. Drivers as well. The OV software is going to get pretty confused.

If the 4070 is your primary card, the 1080 is really doing nothing for you. Pretty much dragging the system down.

If the 1080 is the primary card then You are using a much weaker card as your primary. Even with MGPU that’s a bad mix. It will cause a lot of instability in software and hardware and a lot of the OV platform, whilst can use multi cards, still looks to the “primary card” as the work horse.

This is a case of less is more. Removing the older card will allow the 4070 to shine. You will lose a small bit of “total” processing power but hardly enough to notice. What you will gain is a much cleaner and more stable system ready to use with OV.

You should really disable the 1080 totally and try again. I have a strong feeling the issues will vanish.
If they do, then great. I would then go ahead and totally remove the 1080 from the system. Or at least make sure is it NOT the primary.

If it does not resolve after disabling and a reboot you may need to temporarily remove it anyway if it is in slot 0. Windows may not be able to boot without it so trying to disable in device manager may not be enough.

Thanks for suggesting the solution. This site is very kind. We will do it the way you suggested.

Thanks for suggesting the solution. I’ll do what you suggested. I’ll try it after removing the 1080Ti from the pc.